Welcome to Edamah

Edama was established on a deep-rooted belief that sustainable projects have the power to transform communities. Therefore, we are dedicated to making a sustainable impact globally.

At Edama, we are proud to be part of the 'Taqat Foundation' project, which focuses on community work and is a steadfast contributor dedicated to making the world a better place.

Here in lies Edama’s philosophy, inspired by the concept of sustainability, where we always look to communities and businesses through the lens of the future.

We believe that sustainability is not just a concept, but a way of life that we live daily through our sustainable, innovative and financially rewarding projects across multiple business sectors, aimed at building a more equitable world.

Why Edama?

Edama proves its worth and effectiveness through persistent efforts to change the status quo and improve economic and social conditions.

In this context, the launch of 'Edama' as a strategic program became necessary. It serves as an inspiring model for achieving the strategic goals of communities in need, providing comprehensive and sustainable solutions to current challenges.

Developmental institutions face many challenges with local communities, such as:

  1. Ineffective project management.
  2. Slow supply chains within and to these communities.
  3. Difficulty in maintaining the sustainability of charitable initiatives.
  4. A scarcity of experts in business fields to guide, mentor and train their entrepreneurs.

Through its co-operative enterprises, Edama significantly contributes to creating sustainable opportunities for individuals and communities, thereby becoming an essential and vibrant project in community and institutional work.


A Model for Strategic Transformation

Implementing relief initiatives in the traditional way

Developing communities and offering comprehensive development solutions

Limited impact

Lack of sustainability and inefficient operations

Deep impact

In sustainable practices and communities

Our Guiding Principles: Vision, Mission and Goals

Pioneers in economic empowerment and positive impact through innovative development initiatives.

We work to build a sustainable and prosperous future for communities in need, aiming to be a global leader in fostering sustainable change.

We achieve this by offering comprehensive and sustainable solutions to challenges, which help transform communities and positively affect people’s lives.

Our Goals
To enable sustainable positive impact worldwide.

We believe in shaping a future where sustainability reshapes everyday reality. We seek to help build a better world by initiating innovative projects in diverse fields.

We focus on empowering local communities by providing new opportunities for individuals, families and entire communities. This involves launching sustainable projects that receive ongoing support and guidance to adopt best business practices, aiming for rapid profitability and growth.

We aspire to a new world where each initiative we take part in builds a brighter, more beautiful and environmentally friendly future.