We are dedicated to making a sustainable impact globally.

At Edama, we are proud to be part of the Taqat Foundation project, which focuses on community work and is a steadfast contributor dedicated to making the world a better place.

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Welcome to Edamah

Edamah focuses on establishing profitable projects that support the community and create jobs for individuals in both affected and host communities alike.

Edamah is inspired by the concept of sustainability. We believe that sustainable living is not just an idea, but a way of life that we live and work towards.


Our Services

Targeted investment fields and their relation to SDGs



No Poverty    

Zero Hunger     


Good Health and Well-being    


Quality Education

Clean Water and Sanitation    

Affordable and Clean Energy    

Decent Work and Economic Growth    

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Impact of cooperative enterprises on the environment and community

Cooperative enterprises have a profound and sustainable positive impact on the financial and environmental aspects of each project

  • They provide healthy and affordable food products.
  • They minimize the use of chemicals and pesticides.
  • They enhance agricultural production and improve the quality of products.
  • They create new job opportunities.
  • These projects can eliminate the need for costly specialists in the fields of agriculture and environment.
  • They foster the development of new skills in sustainable development.

What Do We Do? 
The Edama Project Cycle

Edama is the investment management arm of the Taqat Foundation, known for its significant impact. It is staffed by a team with broad global experience across multiple fields, equipped with the necessary managerial and technical expertise to design, implement and manage projects.

Project Study and Design Unit

This unit is a fundamental pillar in the Edama project cycle and involves the following stages:

  • Project study
  • Project design
  • Economic and financial analysis
  • Improvements and recommendations

Project Implementation and Outsourcing Unit

This unit is a central part of the Edama project cycle, responsible for transforming the plans and designs prepared by the Project Study and Design Unit into reality. The following steps are involved:

  • Project execution
  • Quality assurance
  • Resource management
  • Cost control
  • Project delivery

Project Management Unit (Post-Implementation)

This unit includes the following responsibilities:

  • Training and qualification
  • Evaluation and monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Communication and transparency
  • Change management

Business Development and Partnerships Unit

This unit is focused on enhancing business operations and expanding the success of sustainable projects through the following stages:

  • Business development
  • Partnerships Building
  • Innovation and development
  • Marketing and relations

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